FluorescentBulbThis year the Superbowl will be using a new high performance lighting system with Ephesus fixtures powered by Cree® LEDs. The new system uses 310,000 watts of energy. The old system used 1.24 million watts. That makes for a 75% reduction in lighting energy consumption.

The lights can also be turned off and on immediately, whereas the old lights needed to warm up for 20 minutes. That means that, if the power goes out, it can be turned right back on.

And the lights are brighter and more uniform. That means fewer shadows and a better picture on your tv, especially if you’ll be watching in HD.

Source: http://ephesuslighting.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/1-20-15-Ephesus-Super-Bowl-Release-Bwire-FINAL5.pdf

Green News: Superbowl 2015 Using LED Lighting Means 75% Energy Reduction