Gardein Fishless Filets

I just tried Gardein’s fishless filets. I’ve tried other vegan fish before. And, while it was good, it definitely didn’t taste like fish. But the Gardein filets look like fish, smell like fish, and taste like fish. It was a little creepy at first to eat something that tasted so much like fish after not having fish for about 10 years! But I quickly got used to it and enjoyed it. I ate two filets at a time on a bun, no sauces or fixings. Literally just two filets on a bun. It’s that good. Green thumbs up. 

Stop Spraying Your Lawn


It’s that time of year! People are mowing, and gardening, and spraying their lawns. But did you know that most of those lawn sprays are known to cause cancer in both people and animals? They sometimes put up those little yellow flags warning people to stay away for 24 hours. But that doesn’t help the rabbits, and ducks, and chipmunks, etc. It doesn’t help that studies have found that those toxins stick around for longer than 24 hours. And it that doesn’t help the fact that the fumes are toxic and can travel to all the neighbor’s yards.

Weeds are also some of the first things to flower in the spring, which means they are a very important food for pollinators. Weeds are also often shorter and/or slower growing than grass, which means less mowing!

So don’t spray your lawn with toxic weed killers or pesticides. If your neighbor sprays and you think they might be open to learning, let them how bad it is. If they’re not open to it, avoid their lawn, even if you don’t see the little yellow warning flags up. It’s also a good idea to bathe your dog or at least rinse his feet after a walk. If it’s an issue that you’re passionate about, you can even buy “pesticide-free” and “pet friendly” signs to go on your lawn.

Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts are the most common form of litter. When you open a cigarette butt, it looks a lot like a cotton ball. But it’s actually made of plastic. And that plastic is full of the highly deadly toxins that are in cigarettes. Those toxins leach into the soil and water. nosmoking-800px

Cigarette butts are also often eaten by animals and sometimes even by small children.

Cigarette butts that are still lit when they’re tossed have caused fires, some have even burned down homes or caused huge wildfires.

The butts are also expensive to clean up. In 2000, Penn State said they estimate that they’re spending $150,000 a week paying people to pick up cigarette litter.

The good news is that Illinois cracking down on cigarette butt litter. First time offenders who are caught tossing their butts on the ground can be charged with a class B misdemeanor and fined $1,500. Second time offenders can be charged with a class A. Third time offenders can spend a year in jail and pay a fine of up to $25,000.

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