I found a tutorial on Pinterest for making boots out of flat TOMS style shoes and sweater sleeves. But it required pinning, and measuring, and turning inside out, and sewing, and a pair of TOMS style shoes that you don’t want to wear as TOMS style shoes anymore. I don’t have any TOMS style shoes that I don’t want to wear as TOMS style shoes anymore. And my sewing skills are meh. So I decided I could simplify the idea. All you need for this is:

  • A strong glue
  • Scissors
  • Shoes that slip on (A TOMS style shoe or rain boot will make your foot more secure in your slipper boot, give you more surface to glue onto, and give your slipper boot a more defined shape. So I recommend using a TOMS style shoe or rain boot if you want your slipper boot to look more fashionable/professionally done or if you want to do a lot of walking in your slipper boot. But if you’re going to wear it more like an indoor slipper, like I do, then you can use pretty much anything. I used a flip flop.)
  • A sweater

I started by taking a pair of flip flops that I never wore. I wanted to be able to wear socks with my sweater boots, so first I cut the part of the flip flop that goes between your toe here:


(I didn’t take pictures the first time I did the cutting, so this is a recreation)

And here:


That left me with the flip flop base and the band that goes over the top of your foot (without that band your foot wouldn’t be secure and the weight of the flip flop base would weigh your sweater boot down with every step you take, so don’t cut that band off).

Then I cut the sleeves off a sweater along the seams. (I didn’t take a picture, so you’ll just have to trust me on that one.) Also, stuff your shoe into your sweater’s shoulder before cutting just to make sure. Most sweaters will be fine, but some do have funny shaped or funny sized shoulder holes. The sweater that I used had perfectly foot sized and foot shaped sweater holes. Pay attention to the wrist cuff as well. You might want a tighter or looser wrist cuff depending on if you want to wear your sweater boot cuffed over or whether you want to pull it up high and have them be like knee boots.

Then I glued the shoulder part of the sweater around the base of the flip flop.


And that’s it! That’s a sweater slipper boot that takes less than five minutes to make, that doesn’t require sewing, and that makes use of things that you have taking up space in your closet but aren’t wearing.


Upcycled, Super Easy, No Sew Sweater Slipper Boot Tutorial