sourcefed--3441--poop-powered-bus-is-real--large.thumbBiogas is formed when biological matter (like manure) breaks down in an environment where there is no oxygen. It’s green because it’s renewable, it can be used instead of fossil fuels, and it can made locally. Biogas can be used to generate heat and electricity or to power cars, buses, and trains.

For example:

The Bio-Bus is a 40 passenger bus in England that runs on human waste and inedible food scraps. On a full tank, it can go about 186 miles. A bus that’s run on biomethane, like the Bio-Bus, has 97% fewer harmful emissions than a bus that’s run on diesel.

In 2010, British engineers created a Bio-Bug, a VW Bug that runs mostly on biogas. It runs just as well as a regular VW Bug (but much greener and no, it doesn’t smell like poo). According to the Telegraph, the human waste flushed down just 70 toilets can give the car enough gas to travel 10,000 miles (which is how far most people drive in a year).

Amanda is a 54 passenger biogas train that’s been running in Sweden since 2005. Amanda is the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient train in the world. Right now Amanda isn’t the most cost efficient train. She costs about 20% more to run than a diesel. But as oil prices rise, she’ll become more and more cost efficient. In the meantime, being green is worth an extra 20% anyway!

That’s pretty cool. Although walking and biking still have them beat!

Biogas Transportation